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Basic Components of Computer System and Block Diagram

Basic Components of Computer System and Block Diagram

block diagram of computer system

1. Input Device

Input Device is Device by which we can input our data or instructions into Computer. Computer has many Input Device, it directs the brain to Devices Computer, what does it do? Input Device is available in many different ways and everyone has a specific purpose.

"Input Device is the device that gives our instructions to the computer's brain, C.P.U. "

There are several types of Input Device, which are as follows -

Light pen
Touch screen
Digital Camera
Digitizer Tablet
Bar Code Reader
ATM etc.

2. C.P.U.

The fullform of C.P.U is Central process Unit. This is the main part of the computer. That is, without this, the computer system can not be completed, so all the devices are connected, such as Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor etc. It is also called Mind of Computer. Its main function is to execute the programs (Execute), and in addition to all the components of C.P.U Computer, such as Memory, Input, Output Devices also control the functions.

C.P.U (Central Processing Unit) has three parts -


(a) A.L.U. (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

The Arithmetic and Logic unit is briefly called A.L.U. This unit uses arithmetic functions (add, subtract, multiply, part) and logical operations on data. Takes direction from the A.L.U Control Unit. It receives data from memory and returns the information after processing to the memory. The speed of the work of A.L.U is very intense. It performs approximately 100,000 calculations per second. It contains an electronic circuit that is capable of calculating binary arithmetic.

(b) Memory

It stores the instructions received by Input Device in the computer, where it also goes to the memory of Computer. In humans, there are many things to remember, so are memory. This memory is integral to C.P.U., it is a storage device. Therefore, it is also called main memory of computer, internal memory, or primary memory.

"The location of the computer where all the information, instructions are stored"

(c) C.U.

The full form of the C.U. is  control unit . C.U. Controls and operates the functions of the hardware. It controls Input, Output, and Memory and A.L.U. Intermittently directs the exchange of data; This program obtains instructions from the memory to execute the program. By converting instructions into Electric Signals, it reaches the appropriate devices.

3. Output Device

Output Device is a device that provides data input by User as Result.
The results obtained from the computer are achieved by the Output Device, these results are usually presented to the user by the display device (screen) or the printer. Mainly the information received in the form of Output, we can either see the screen cross or print from the printer to the page or use the speaker as the output to listen to music, Output Device is of several types like -





Sound Speaker

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