Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cyrus Beck Line Clipping Algorithm

Cyrus Beck Line Clipping Algorithm

The Cyrus Beck Algorithm is the generalized line clipping introduced in 1978 by Cyrus and beck scientist. It was designed to the more efficient than the Sutherland beck generally clips only once or twice unlike the Cohen Sutherland algorithm where the lines are clipped about four times. Clipping the line twice has the idea that the line will be clipped for the first time when it enters the box and second time when it exists.
Cyrus beck is that the general algorithm and might be used with the 2d convex polygon clipping window not like Sutherland Cohen which will be used only on an oblong clipping area. It is based on the parametric equation of the line
Where x and y are the starting co-ordinate of the line

Cyrus Beck Line Clipping Algorithm:
for finding the intersection point we must find out the value of the made. Let P(e) the point on the plane that may be middle point then calculate the value P(t) – P(e)

1) if > 0 the vector a is pointed to words in a side of the view port
2) if = 0 the vector is pointed towards parallel of the viewport
3) if < 0 the vector is pointed Away on the viewport.

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