Wednesday, June 5, 2019

History of computer graphics

History of computer graphics 

*In 1951 CG origin.

*1961 created an interactive drawing program. Ivan Sutherland considered as father of CG.

*In 1963 created first animation to simulate physical effects.

*In 1966 , Sutherland made-up the first head mounted display.

*Then 1971, gouraud presented his famous polygonal surfing smoothing method.

*In 1972, Introduce Atari it is the first interactive computer game.

*In 1974, First uses Cg in Movies.

*In 1980, Whited published an Article about ray tracing technique.

*In 1990, 3D Studio from Auto-desk. 2D and 3D application for the web.

*In 2000, Introduce the concept virtual reality.

*Now a day CG is must for any application for a field.

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