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History of internet

Internet History 

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Internet Map

The Internet started in 1969 in America for the Advance Research Project Agency Network, the ARPA, for the Defense Department. ARPA then created a computer of a computer that could give confidential information to the soldiers during the war. After seeing the benefits of this, it was used in different institutions and today the network of all the countries has gradually become connected and when the network of all the countries got found then a huge network was created which is called the internet.

What is the full name of Internet?

Full form of the internet is International network.

How the whole world is connected to the internet.

If you think that the whole world is connected to the internet by satellite or via wifi then you are wrong 99% of the world is connected to the internet via fiber optic cable. By putting fiber optic cable into the sea, a country's network is connected to another country's network.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider), which is invested by putting its money, is deploying cables in the sea. ISPs are also divided into three parts.

Tier 1- This is ISP which connects the entire network of the world by putting fiber optics cables in the community.

Tier 2- This is ISPs that connects a country's network and Tier 1 relies on ISPs to get connections from any country. By Tier 2 ISPs, the internet reaches the home.

Tier 3- This ISP is local ISPs of a state or city that connects with Tier 2 ISPs

How does the internet work?

Now let us know how the internet works, you must use Google all the time. Ask anything from Google to put all the news in the world ahead of you in 2 second but you probably will not know what happens in these two second. When you search something on google, You will get the iSP that you are using the internet (Airtel Idea vodafone Jio) then the ISP sends the same request to the Google server and google searches the information and sends it to the ISP and then ISP gives you the information. Less than a second Gets completed in

Who is the owner of the internet?

If I say that there is no owner of the internet then you will not be convinced but the truth is that there is no monopoly on the government of any single person or any country. The IPs that connect the entire world by putting cables in the ocean, it takes a lot of money, so the internet has to pay us money.

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