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Image Scanner Or Scanner

Image Scanner Or Scanner 

It is a digital device use to scan image, picture, printed text and objects and then convert into digital image. It is used in a variety of domestic and industrial application like design, reverse engineering gaming and testing.
The most widely used type of the scanner in offices or home is a flat-bed scanner also known as xerox machine. This modern image scanner is a descended of early Fax in to device & telegraphy equipment.
The image scanner was introduced in 1957 by a team lead by Russell kirsch at the US national burro of standards (Now National institute of standards & technology).
When a document is placed inside a scanner data is processed and save in a computer system. A digital image is often encoded in the form of a binding file for the purpose of storage and transmission.
The image file has two parts header and image data.

All the basic information of scanned image is stored in a header part and the actual value stored in an image data.

There are various types of scanner: -

1.Drum Scanner
2.Flat Bed scanner
3.Film scanner
4.Hand scanner 
5.3D scanner
6.Desktop digital camera scanner 
7.Smart phone scanner

1.Drum Scanner: -

These scan an image with photo multiplies tubes.
The reflective original is accumulated with an acrylic cylinder of drum. This rotates when object for scanning in front of optic.

2.Flatbed Scanner: -

These consist of a glass pane and a moving optical array of charge couple device (CCD) scanning.

3.Film Scanner: -

Slide or negative films strips are placed in a carrier inside the film scanner this carrier is moved with the help of a motor along a lance and a CCD scanner.

4.Hand Scanner: -

Hand held devices pulled across the image surface for scanning large image.

5.3D Scanner: -

These scanners depend on the placements of surface that are used to a ling the elements position in the space.

6.Desktop digital camera Scanner: -

An all in one printer along with a desktop digital camera including scanner offers high speed image scanning.

7.Smart Phone Scanner: -

Apps can be downloaded in many smartphones devices allowing them to scan documents through the digital camera disposed and provide output in JPEG or PDF format.

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