Tuesday, June 4, 2019



The computer graphics one of the most effective and commonly used way to communicate the processed information to the user. it displays the information in the form of graphics object such as picture, charts, graphs and diagrams instead of simple text. Thus, we can say that computer graphics makes it possible to expressed data in pictorial form.
In CG, pictures & graphics objects are presented as a group of pixels. The pixels are the smallest addressed screen elements. It is the smallest part of the display screen achieved by colors of the pixel. Each pixel on the graphics display does not represents mathematical point.
 if we want to display p1 whose coordinates are (4,3) and point p2 whose coordinate are (3,4) are represent the process determiners the appropriate pixels for representing picture (or graphics) object is known as restorations and the process of representing continuous (picture or graphics) object as a collection of discrete pixels is object called scan conversion.


 1. computer graphics allows rotation, translation, scaling and performs various projections on the picture before displaying it.

2. It has an ability to show moving picture thus it is possible to produce animation with computer graphics.

3. It provides user the control to modify contents, structure and appearance of pictures or graphics objects using input such as keyboard, mouse touch panel.

4. It allows adding effect such as hidden surface removal shading to the picture before final representation.

5. The computer graphics also provide facility called update dynamic with this. it is possible to change the shape, colors and other properties.

6. With computer graphics user can control the animation by adjusting the screen.

7. It is used in various areas such as industry, business, education, entertainment & mostly in home. The use of computer graphics is wide spread.

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