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What is a computer mouse and its History

What is a computer mouse?

We often call the pointer to the mouse. We use it by hand, which is used to give directions to the computer.

Whenever we move the mouse it instructs the computer and then the computer adheres to its instructions.

This machine remains outside the computer, yet it is very useful for the computer. Without the mouse, we can not use the computer only if we do, we will have to face a lot of difficulty.

In every operating system the drivers of the mouse are already dumped.

Invention of computer mouse

The computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelberg in 1963. However this mouse was too big and did not work well.

Douglas Engelberg
Douglas Engelberg

Later, the company named IBM invented the mouse.

Modern mouse was invented by Steve Jobs.

Physical description of the mouse:

The mouse of the computer comes in different types of shapes. Some small but some size on everything is so that they can fit in the hand and walk to the flat place.

In the normal mouse there are two buttons on the front, from which we click straight and left and there is a rectangular cycle in the middle. Computer icons can be from one to quite a button. There are some gaming icons that have enough buttons, because each button has different functions. Generally the ones that are made are used directly by hand. Most of the icons are made in such a way that they can be used with a straight hand. Each button gives different directions.

The first era of the mouse, there was a ball on the lower side, in order to run the cursor, the use of laser is more in today's mouse. In many of the icons, there is a ball on the top side below which we can move the cursor by shaking. This type of mouse is very easy to run as we can use it in the mouse by shaking the ball from the top, without moving the mouse.

We can use any kind of mouse to be easily connected to every kind of mouse computer. We use Bluetooth to connect non-wire mouse. We have to install its software so that we can easily use unlearned mice.

We connect wired ones with the help of USB. We used to connect the old mouse with the PS / 2 port and we used to connect it with the Direct Motherboard. The new technology mouse only works very well when its drivers are already well-stocked if they are not already screwed, then we can use drivers and use it correctly.

Logitech and Microsoft are renowned companies in the world who work to create a mouse.

Functions of the mouse:

The primary function of the mouse is to look at the cursor running on the screen.
Whenever we click the cursor on a folder, icon, software etc., we can run that program in this way.
The mouse helps us to show and choose any article.
Mouse: We work to drag and drop any folder or file.
For a long time when we are studying on a large site, we use the mouse to scroll down the top.
Many icons I have quite a few buttons that work on doing different tasks.
There is also a new technological mouse in the market to play the game.

Computer Mouse Type:

Nowadays computers which are used in homes, optical icons are mostly used, which we add by USB.

Computer Mouse Type

Computer Mouse Type

types are as follows -


Foot Mouse

Intel Mouse (Wheel Mouse)

J. Mouse




Touch pad


Track point

Computer Mouse Parts:

Parts of every computer mouse are different. See how it can be understood in the general language.

Button - In today's time, there are at least two buttons in each mouse, one button is on the right and one button on the left side, with the help of which we can click and select the object and text. In the earlier times, there were quite a few mouse-like ones that were of a button like there is a single button in Apple's coffee mice.

Ball, laser and LED - Each computer mouse can have ball and roller or it is a mechanical mouse so it can be laser and LED. Every single ball, laser and LED are used to see its cursor in the mouse.

Mouse Wheel - Nowadays computers have a mouse wheel in the mause, which can help us to lower the page up.

Circuit board - In order to keep the information of all the signals, moving the cursor and keeping the rest information under control, there is a circuit board inside the mouse.

Cable and Wireless Receiver - There is a USB cable in the cable containing the cable which we have to add to the CPU.

If we have to use non-wired wireless device then we will have to connect the wireless wireless receiver first to the CPU or simply add the mouse to the Bluetooth. Then we can use the wireless mouse.

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