Monday, July 8, 2019

CD ROM and Multimedia Highway

CD ROM And Multimedia Highway

Multimedia requires a large amount of digital memory when an image audio or video CD has become the most cost-effective distribution effective for multimedia project.
A CD disk can be mask produce in term of units and can contain up to 80 min of full video or audio. Many systems currently come with a DVD ROM player. It is a multi-layer digital versatile disk technology increases the capacity up to 18GB. CD and DVD burners are used for reading disk and for making them in audio video and data formats. In the very long-term CD and DVD are not used because of it is a combination of copper wire grass fiber and radio technology.

Multimedia highway: -

Multimedia highway is the telecommunication network as globally when information providers and content owners determine the worth of there products and how to charge money for them.
Data highway is just like a toll road where you will pay acquire and used multimedia based information.

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