Saturday, July 20, 2019

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that provides us with virtual resources on the Internet. Virtual resources mean resources that do not require a hard drive on your system.
In simple words, Cloud Computing that Anyone who works on a cloud-based computer system, will not need a hard drive or a large expenditure on the mother board and the whole work of computing, data access, data store etc., is done only on the network.

How does work?

Cloud Computing works on the physical server through Software Store, which are controlled by the server provider.
Cloud computing can understand such that there are two layers in the cloud:
1. Back End Layer: The Back-End Layer is the architecture of hardware and software that helps in looking at the front end.
2. Front End Layer: The Front-End layer is what you can see and interact with it.

Three types of cloud services

1) Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS): -

 This service on demand gives IT infrastructure access. It includes storage, network and computers that run your workload. As a businessman user, you can request IT services and pay only the services you are using.

2) Platform As A Service (PAAS): - 

This is a cloud base environment, which you use to develop, test, run and manage the application. This service includes web servers, dev tools, execution runtime and online database. In this you can work fast and release the application quickly.

3) Software As A Service- (SAAS): - 

The most common form used by small businesses. This includes access to the host software on remote servers. It runs an application through your web browser and stores, retrieves or shares store files outside of your business.

Why Cloud Computing?

Now the question is also coming to your mind that "Why cloud computing itself-Why Cloud Computing”,
Indeed, small and also some large IT companies follow traditional methods to provide IT infrastructure. This means that for any IT company, we require a server room, which is the basic need of IT companies.
In Server area, we need a database server, mail server, networking, firewall, router, modem, switch, QPS (Query Per Second means how many queries or load will be handled by the server), configurable system, high net speed and maintenance Engineers are required. Companies have to spend a lot of money in order to establish all these things. Cloud Computing comes into being to overcome all these problems and to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing has many more advantages, which are described below in the details.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

1. Save Money: - 

The biggest advantage of using Cloud Computing is that there is no need for Organizations to create their own IT infrastructure. It does not require IT experts to buy computing hardware and software, set up sites, operate servers’ racks and power up to 24 hours for cooling, IT infrastructure and thus save a lot of money by using Organizing Cloud Computing.

2. Tech Support Availability: - 

Most Cloud Computing providers are really reliable in offering their services, most of which retain up to 99.9% uptime. If you encounter any drawback, you also guarantee (24 X 7) Tech Support Availability.

3. Flexibility in Storage: - 

Cloud Computing Provider provides you with a very flexible facility that the user can select the facilities according to the requirement of their organization. If you need increase in the future, you can easily increase your cloud capacity.
For example: - you can access office data, emails from your home on holiday.

4. Easy Access: - 

Big advantage of using cloud computing is that you can access your Cloud Data from anywhere in the world. You just have only a computer connected to Internet Connected.

5. Regular Automated Updates: - 

In Cloud Computing, server suppliers regularly update your software, which also includes Security Update, so that you do not need to waste your time while maintaining the system. That time you can use to increase your business.

6. Protection (Security): - 

Cloud Computing is also good in terms of security. Many corporations use Cloud Computing only from Security Purpose because Cloud Computing is safer than local servers. Even in Cloud Computing, you ne'er got to worry about losing your information and Business applications in natural disaster.

7. Easy Document Access: - 

Before the Cloud came into existence, Employees would have to send the file out as an email attachment in order to work by the same user at just once, however nowadays it's not such as you have your file together with many of us will share.
Some Models and Services work in the Back end to make Cloud Computing for users feasible and accessible. Those who are called Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Service Models, read the Cloud Computing Deployment Models and Service Models to know the details.