Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Composite Transformation

Composite Transformation

If a transformation of the plane P1 is followed by a second plane transformation P2 then the result itself may be represented by a single transformation P which is the composition of P1 and P2 taken in that order. This is written as 

P = P1* P2

Composition transformation can be achieved by concatenation of transformation matrix to obtain a combined transformation Matrix i.e.

 [P] [XY] = [XY]*[P1] [P2][P3].....[Pn]

Where Pi is any combination of translation rotation, reflection, scaling, sharing and equals to 1, 2, 3......n the changes in order of the transformation would need to different results as in general matrix multiplication that is matrix

 [M1] *[M2] ≠ P = P1*P2

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