Saturday, July 13, 2019

Computer based Multimedia learning platform

Computer based Multimedia learning platform

*A multimedia learning platform as the following strength.

i) Personalized Education: -

learning and teaching with the assistance of technology benefits for both students and teacher. Student can complete the instructional board through self-caring instance.

ii) Flexibility of time and space: -

The multimedia learning platform allows students suspends and re-visit study material and their convenience with flexible time frames.

iii) Hyperlinked Learning method: -

The multimedia platform provides dynamic learning pattern through hyper link instead of a non-leaner learning method.

iv) Effective Motivation: -

The attractive live design will the audio video and flash effects included in multimedia platform increase the interest and anchorage participation.

v) Effective teaching material: -

Effective teaching presentation using multimedia can encourage student. It can also stimulate with situation application and allowing the students to understand the subject more easily and effectively.

vi) Diversified Teaching Method: -

The multimedia platform provides diversified teaching materials through text massage, image and animation which can provide assistant to students over all development.

vii) Repetitive learning and immediate feedback: -

The multimedia platform may enhance learning effectiveness.

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