Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Introduction of Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software: - 

Software is the set of programs that provides desired functionality to user. Its also use to compress the data structure that enable the programming manipulation.

Engineering: -

Engineering is the designing or develop something which serve a particular task or work.

Software Engineering: -

Software engineering is the engineering which is use to developing or maintaining a software according to the particular task or many tasks.

Types of software: -

There are many types of software which are as follows:

1) System Software: -  

System software is the software that it is used to run other software.
For Example: - operating systems (window, MacOS, Linux etc.) is used to run many software (MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Turbo C etc.).

2) Application Software: -

Application Software is the software which run by the system software. It is use for the particular tasks or business purpose.
For example: - MS Office, MS Access, Open Office, Media Player etc.

3) Programming Software: -

Programming software is used to create, test, debug and develop other software and application. There are various programming language editors such as Turbo C, Xilinx, Kiel, Compilers, Debuggers, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), etc.

Sub-Type of Computer Software: -

Above main type of software but there are many other subtypes, which will be mentioned below.

i) Shareware (Example: WinZip, BearShare etc.) 
ii) Freeware (Example: Google Talk, uTorrent etc.)
iii) Web Browsers (Example: Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Firefox, chrome etc)
iv) Open Source Software (Linux, Android OS etc.)
v) Utility Software (Disk Cleaners etc.)
vi) Project Management Software (MS Office, 24SevenOffice etc.)
vii) Content Control Software (K9 Web Protection, PGSurfer etc.)

Q: Why software engineering is important?

Ans: 1) Enable us building complex systems in timely manner.
2) Ensure high quality of software.
3) impose discipline to a work that can become quality.

Q: What is work product {result/ outcome}?

Ans: Software Engineering: - Software the set of programs, the content along with documentation that is a part of Software.
User Customer: - The functionality delivered by the software that impose the user experience.

Focus of Software Engineering: -

1) Quality: - while development of software, we have two quality
a) Functional: - Degree to work correct software is produced.
b) Non-Functional: - Features other then function of a software like re-booster.

2) Maintenance: - It should be easily enhanced and developed to changing requirement whenever required.

a) Upgrade           b) Update  

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