Saturday, July 27, 2019

Prototype Model

Prototype Model 

Is same as waterfall model but they are applied in cyclic manner.

Prototype Model


Difference as a Compared to Interaction model

1) A usable product delivered at the end of cycle
2)  Requirements implemented priority based.


1) No usable product at end of cycle.
2) Requirements implemented category wise.

Useful When

1) When an initial version of software is not required.
2) Complex projects with unable required.
3) New technology is used.
4) Requirements are not clear.

Is prototype Over find product: -

1) No, it is not our final product.
2) Prototype port is discovering after requirements are finalize.

Benefit of developing a prototype: -

1) Help us to universal the customer requirement.
2) Help us gather experiences for the final system.
3) Prototype increase extra cost but overall cost comedown.