Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rapid Application Model (RAD)

Rapid Application Model (RAD)

Rapid Application Model (RAD)

This concept developed by IBM

Requirement Planning:

  • Using section technique like your brain storming.
  • As long as requirements are finalized.
  • User communication required for good understanding.

User description:

  • A join team of developer and customer understands and reviews the gathering requirements.
  • Auto mated tools also be used.


In this concept we design coding and testing and release product with help of tools can code generator and screen generator.

Cut Over:

It is providing a facility for installation and acceptance of customer.

Major functions:

1) Rapid Prototype: -

Quick initial view about the product.

2) Powerful development tool: -

Development goes down time
Example: - CASE Tool

3) User Interference: -

Acceptable user interface about the product

When not use RAD model:

  • User cannot be involved continuously.
  • Tools and reusable components cannot be used.
  • High skilled and specialized developer required.
  • System can’t be design in a modular from.    online cource