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Software and hardware requirements for multimedia player

Software and hardware requirements for multimedia player

For producing a multimedia project for producing a multimedia project for need some hardware, software creativity and well planning.

1) Multimedia hardware requirements

a) Processor: - 

CPU is an essential part in any at least a Pentium processor is preferred because of their higher efficiency.

b) Monitor: - 

The monitor is use to see the computer output display generally 25 rows and 80 columns of text. The text or graphics is created as a resultant of an arrangement of tiny dots calls pixel resolution is the amount of details the monitor can random.
Resolution is defined in terms of horizontal and vertical pixels displayed on the screen.

c) Video graphics card: - 

We need to convert the analog video single to digital single for processing in a computer. Normal computer won't be able to do it alone. It requires a special equipment called video graphics card and software to this conversion process.

d) Sound and audio card: - 

Two days computer is capable of creating the projection multimedia needs not only you can use computer to compose your own music but it can also be used for recognition of speech and sounds. This is done using a special component edit to the system called sound card.

CD ROM / DVD / Storage Media: -

These types of media are used to store multimedia objects and can transfer to other systems. There is several hardware are available like scanner audio capture, camera, microphone etc. for creating a multimedia project.

Multimedia software requirements: -

For a creation of multimedia on the PC or system there are many of software packages that are available from manufacture all over the world.

1) Adobe CS4: - 

it is a collection of graphics design templates video editing tools and web development applications. Adobe systems many of which are the industry standards that includes a multimedia project.

2) Adobe Dreamweaver: - 

it is a type of hybrid tool (WYSIWYG) and code-based web design and development application Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG mode can hide the HTML code from the users and its possible for non-coders create web pages.

3) Adobe Fireworks: - 

it’s a package that allows to create bit map and vector graphics editor with the feature such as slides, mixer editing etc. for creating a website app interface.

4) Google Sketchup: - 

Sketchup it used to create 3D object or modeling programs design for architect’s civil engineer film makers game developers and many more related professions.

5) MS Frontpage: - 

its type of hybrid editor to design a web page without knowing the HTML code.

6) Apple Quick time: - 

Quick time is an extensible multimedia frame work developed by apple industry. It is capable of handling various format of digital video 3D objects model, sound video text animation music image and interactivity.

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