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Uses of multimedia

Uses of Multimedia

Multimedia will be anything and everything that you watch and listen. We watch multimedia as audio video and much more in most of the industry, hospitality, banking insurance, science, and technology etc. It is being used in almost even field either for publishing something or for some other purpose.

What is purpose of advertising

Advertising has changed a lot over the part couple of the decodes some of the different types of advertising are print advertising radio-audio advertising.
Television/ video advertising, digital advertising, social advertising, mobile advertising, etc.

Applications of Multimedia: -

Education: -

It is broadly used in the field of education and training.
Now a day the class room need is not limited to that traditional method it needs audio and video with the use of multimedia.
Everything can be integrated into one single system.

Mass Media: -

Its used in the field of mass communication and generalize and various magazines and newspaper that are published periodically.

Gaming Industry/Entertaining: -

The first app of multimedia system was in the field of entertainment and that to in the video game industry. Now a days the live internet is use to play games with multiple player has become popular.

Science and technology: -

It is capable of transferring audio, sending massage and etc. At the same time, it also helps in live interaction to audio massage and its only possible with the hipper media.

Fine arts: -

In fine arts there are multimedia artist who blank technique using different media. That in same way. Incorporates interaction with viewer.

Engineering / Research: -

Software engineering use multimedia in simulation of computer  for everything like military industrial training the sector of research multimedia system is that the primarily used for modeling and simulation.
Multimedia and web project must be undertaking in deferent number of the stages. Some stages should be completed before other stages may be skipped in combined.
There are the four basic stages to develop any kind of multimedia project planning, requirements and costing.
A project always begins with an idea or a need that you than refine by its objectives.
Identify how you will make each object with in your authorize system. Before you being developing plan out the writing skills graphics are music, audio, video and other multimedia that you other multimedia that you will require.

Designing and producing: -

Perform each of the plan task to create a finished product during this stage. There may be many feedback cycles with a client until the client is satisfied.

Testing: -

Test your project that make sure they need the objectives of the project, work properly on the delivery platform and need the needs of the client and of another user. Delivery package and deliver the project to the other user.

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