Monday, July 22, 2019

Waterfall Model in Software Engineering

Waterfall Model {Classical or Traditional}

This Model is named “waterfall Mode” because its diagrammatically representation resembles a cascade of waterfall.

Waterfall Model in Software Engineering
Waterfall Model in Software Engineering 

Requirement and Specification Analysis: -

To understand customer requirements and docs then properly.
Work product and use SRC {software requirement specification Document} use as a control between developer and customer.

Design: -

Transform requirements into a structure suitable for implementation in same programming language.
Software architecture in specified in details software designed documents.

Implementation and unit testing: -

i) Design implemented and use Software Design Document (SDD)
ii) Unit-testing each module tested individual and independent of other modules.

Integration and System testing: -

i) Modules Combined together to form a complete software.
ii) Software is a part of system.
iii) Interfaces between module are tested.

Operation and Maintenance: -

i) To preserve the value of software.
ii) After the delivery of the software to development customer.
iii) Error correction enhancement, remove absolute functionality.

Problem with waterfall Model: -

i) Aspect complete and accurate requirements earlier in software development process not realistic.
ii) Working software is not available till very late in the software development cycle.
iii) Delay in error discovery.
iv) Risk : No assignments for risk.
v) Not suitable for accumulate change during developments.
vi) Sequential nature: - It is not realistic in today is world and the module are not suitable for large projects.

When use waterfall model: -

1) When the requirements are very clearly understood and they stable during SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
2) Can be used by organization they have an experience in developing a particular kind of software
When it wants to build a new software based on and interesting software.
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