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What is Multimedia?

What is Multimedia?

The term multimedia comes from multimedia multi refers to many and media is the way of communication. Media refers to storage, transmission, communication, represent presentation, instruction and perception, that means that it will refers to the different level of abstraction. It also refers to a basic information like text graphics image audio video animation etc. the Colombia cyclopedia has defined multimedia as in personal computing software and application.
That combined text, high-quality sound 2D & 3D graphics, animation image, and video.
According to Vaughan, A multimedia is a combination of text-sound animation video delivered by computer or other electronic devices of digitally manipulated means.
Newton defined multimedia as the combination of different type of media in the communication of information between to computer or users.

Types of Multimedia

Static: -

It is a time-independent discreet media like as text graphics images. That means information of that means consist of sequence of individual elements without a time component.

Dynamic: -

It is time dependent continuous media. Like as sound, audio, video, animation etc.
That is expressed is not only of its value but also by the time of its occurrence.

Multimedia Application: -

1) Multimedia in science
2) Multimedia in business
3) Multimedia in banking
4) Multimedia in entertainment
5) Multimedia in marketing
6) Multimedia in agriculture
7) Multimedia in gaming
8) Multimedia in shopping etc.

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