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What is Reflection and Shear

What is Reflection and Shear?


Reflection is that the mirror image of original image in various word we are able to say that it is a rotation operation with 180° inflection transformation.
Reflection in computer graphics

Size of a object does not change.


A transformation that slands the shape of an object is called shear transformation there are two type of shear transformation.
1) X Shear
2) Y Shear
The X shear preserve the Y co-ordinate and change are made to X co-ordinate which cause the vertical lines to till right or left according to figure.

Shear in computer graphics

The transformation Matrix for X shear may be represented as
[X’ Y'] = [XY] + Shy. [XY]
Where Shy is the shearing factors with respect to y module.
Similarly, the y shear preserves and change the Y co-ordinate which causes the horizontal line to transformer information LINE which shapes up or down as shown in the figure.
Shear in computer graphics

The y Shear can be represented as [X’ Y’] = [X Y] + Shx.[XY]
Where shx is the Shear factor with respect to X co-ordinate.

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