Friday, August 16, 2019

Jio GigaFiber

Dear learners, more and more technology is being built day by day, so we need to know about it as well. Recently, GigaFiber has been mentioned by Jio, so everyone will be eager to know about it.
Here we are learning about JioGigaFiber

Jio GigaFiber

What is Jio gigafiber?

JioGigaFiber is based on Fiber to the home that is FTTH. FTTH means that if you need internet service, a cable will be provided to your home. Right now the cable you get internet from is not worth giving this speed internet.

Speed will also be available due to FTTH. The cable used for this service provides faster connectivity than others. It will be better than the existing cable and it will provide high speed connectivity and online gaming will also be better than before.
Even before Jio, the government telecom company BSNL will provide the service of FTTH in selected places in India and with the arrival of Jio, now other companies will also start such service in the market and then tariff war can start. Just like Reliance Jio has done for tariffs, which is not taking the name of freeze till now.

FTTH Services

➣ TV over IP service (MPEG2)
➣ Video on demand (VOD) (MPEG4) such as VCR
➣ Audio on demand
 Bandwidth on demand
 Remote Education
 Point to point and point to multi point video, virtual conferencing
 Voice and video telecommunication over IP: association under control
 Interactive Gaming
 VPN over Broadband

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