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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dear Learners, here I will tell you about Amazon Web Services which is famous as AWS

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is such a remote computing service that gives us Cloud Computing Service with Unlimited Bandwidth and Customer Support. Now we use this Cloud Computing Service for our Website or Blog or for any Apps.

In 2006, Cloud Solution Amazon gave the concept of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and then Amazon's own IT Management created AWS, but at that time the price of AWS was very high and its Bandwidth Storage would have been very low.

If a user used to buy AWS service from Amazon, then the server on his website or blog was sometimes down because Bandwidth Storage of hosting AWS was very less. But slowly, Amazon removed this problem and at that time Amazon named AWS as Webstore but now it is known as AWS (Amazon Web Services). Now we get Unlimited Bandwidth Storage and with Fully 24 × 7 Customer Support.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Service List-

Amazon Web Services provides us a lot of services but it depends on our domain on which our domain is like-
Management Tools
Network and Content Delivery
Security or Identity Purpose


If you have a messaging domain ie a social domain where your users send messages or emails from one place to another, then AWS gives us 4 types of services to host the same thing and that is 4 types Services is-

Amazon SQS
Amazon SNS
Amazon SES
Amazon PinPoint


If we have a Computing Domain, that is, we want to combine our data with any other data, then for this, AWS gives us many services such as-

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Elastic beanstalk
Amazon LightSail


If you have a storage domain and you have to store all the data for that domain, then for this, AWS gives us a lot of services and those services are-

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Elastic Block Store
Amazon glacier
AWS SnowBall

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If we have a Migration Domain, that is, we transact data in that domain i.e. we send data from one place to another, that's why AWS gives us two kinds of good services and that is good services-

AWS Database Migration Service
AWS Snowball

Management Tools

If you have a Management Domain as an example, suppose that you have a financial domain and complete information about your customers in that financial domain and you want to manage that data, then AWS offers you 3 kinds of services. With the help of which you can manage that data, then AWS provides you 3 services -

AWS CloudWatch
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudTrail

Network and Content Delivery

If we have a Network and Content Delivery Domain, that is, we have to migrate content through the network, for this, AWS gives us two types of special services -

Amazon Route 53
AWS CloudFront

Security or Identity Purpose

If you have a Security or Identity Purpose Domain, that is, you have to secure the data or the identities of all the users, then for this, AWS gives us 3 types of services such as-

AWS Shield

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