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National Population Register (NPR)

National Population Register?

National Population Register (NPR)

In simple terms, the task of measuring the country's population under NPR will be done through an app.
It will start registering from 1 April 2020. An app will be built in it, in which all the people of the country will be able to register themselves.

NPR is a register of natural residents residing in India. It is prepared at gram panchayat, tehsil, state and national levels. This register is prepared under the provisions of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and Citizenship Rules, 2003.

Under which provisions is the National Population Register prepared?

The Citizenship Act, 1955 was amended in 2004, under which provisions of NPR were added. Section 14A of the Citizenship Act, 1955 sets out these provisions - - The Central Government can issue a national identity card by making compulsory registration of every citizen of the country. - The government can prepare the register of every citizen of the country and a National Registration Authority can also be constituted for this.

Purpose of this scheme?

The purpose of this is to create a database based on the complete identity and other information of every resident of the country. The government uses this to formulate its plans, prevent fraud and extend the benefit of schemes to every family.

National Population Register?

Is registration mandatory under NPR?

According to the 2004 amendment to the Citizenship Act, registration of NPR is mandatory for any citizen under section 14. Registration is necessary for the National Register of Indian Citizens and NPR is the first step in this direction.

How can I register with NPR?

During April 2020 to September 2020, workers engaged in preparing NPR will gather data from door to door. This will then be prepared as an electronic database. Things like photographs, fingerprints will be included in it. The entire process will be under the supervision of government officials appointed to decide the NPR.

What information will be recorded in NPR?

The NPR register will contain this information. Person's name, relationship with the head of the family, father's name, mother's name, wife or husband's name (if married), gender, date of birth, current address, nationality, permanent address, occupation and biometric details will be included . Only those over 5 years of age will be included.

Will NRIs also be part of NPR?

NRIs are not considered ordinary citizens of India and they will not be included due to their stay outside. If he comes to India and starts living here, he can also be included in NPR.

What will happen if we give wrong information intentionally or accidentally?

If you give wrong information under NPR, then you will have to pay penalty under Citizenship Rules, 2003.

Is an identity card issued under NPR?

The government is considering a proposal to issue Identity Cards under NPR. It will be a kind of smart card, which will also mention Aadhaar.

What is the relationship between NPR and Aadhaar?

NPR is a common register of people living in India. The data collected under this will be sent to UIDAI for re-duplication and issuance of Aadhaar number. This register will consist of three main things- Demographic data, Biometric data and Aadhaar number.

National Population Register(NPR)

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