Saturday, May 30, 2020

Google's New Sodar Tool For Maintaining Social Distancing

Google's New Sodar Tool

Google's New Sodar Tool For Maintaining Social Distancing

Today, the whole world is struggling with the corona virus epidemic and in such a situation, tech companies are launching new features and apps in the market so that people can be made aware of this virus. On the other hand, big companies like Google and Apple have recently introduced COVID-19 exposure notification technology and with this help the government and health agencies will get a lot of support in preventing the spread of corona virus. At the same time, Google has introduced Sodar, a social distancing app that creates a two-meter virtual ring around the user with the help of the phone's camera.

Google's Sodar tool is an example of an Augmented Reality (AR). This tool will tell you the distance of your two meters, so that you can maintain and maintain social distancing. Also you will get a warning as soon as you go less than two meters.

It is very important to maintain social distancing to prevent corona virus infection and people are being urged to follow this rule to prevent the epidemic from growing. In such a situation, the Sodar app launched by Google will prove to be very useful. This app will give users tips for social distancing and with this help people will be able to keep distance of two meters between themselves. This app, introduced for Android users, will create a virtual ring around your smartphone's camera with the help of Augmented Reality (AR).

Steps For Use :-

1. First or
2. After this, the QR code seen in front will have to be scanned from your smartphone.
3. You will see a dialog box, asking for approval to create a 3D map around you
4. The camera will also seek approval to track the position.
5. As soon as you approve, you will then have to scan the ground.
6. You will see a virtual ring all around you with a 2 meter radius.
7. You can search for Google Play Services for AR on Play Store.
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