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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented means to show anything by increasing or improving it. Reality is reality.

According to this, augmented reality means to make any thing better, so that it looks absolutely real.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is another form of virtual reality, in this technique a computer generated environment matching your surroundings can be created.
In simple words, a virtual scene is created by connecting another virtual world with the environment around you, which looks real.

This is similar as real world so, you will not be able to tell the difference between real world and virtual world.

How does Augmented Reality work? 

The way augmented reality works depends on three things.

1. Motion tracking - 

When you turn on the camera of your phone, the gyroscope also stays with the room. A gyroscope is a sensor that is usually in every phone. This gyroscope observes your phone's position, knows your position and to what degree your phone is tilted. This helps augmented reality in motion tracking.

2. Light estimation - 

Your device's sensor measures the light surrounding it. With this, he also creates a reflection of the sizes of augmented reality. This makes the characters of Augmented Reality look like real.

3. Flat surface - 

Augmented reality is able to work only after finding a flat surface in the environment. If you try to use it in a bumpy place you will fail. It needs a flat surface so that it can set up its model and interact with you.

What is augmented reality used for?

Augmented Reality is used in many fields :-

1. Education - 

               Education has also become a rapidly changing field. Technology in education works to simplify the subject. This makes the students easy. Nowadays, it is a time of projector, smart classes, in such a way augmented reality will make education easier. It has also started to be used in many places.

2. Medicine - 

              It is used for testing new doctors. With this, medical methods and methods of medical students are explained. This introduces students to the methods of treatment without using the dead body.

3. Engineering Design - 

                      Augmented reality is used as a model in engineering design. Actually, it is already known what the project will look like after it is built. Be it a society or a colony, everything can be planned with the help of Augmented Reality. From this, it can be predicted what the society or project will look like.

4. Digital Gaming - 

                        The trend of digital gaming is becoming increasingly prevalent. Now-a-days children are seen playing less and game consoles are seen more. This trend is growing very fast and is also affecting everyone. In such a situation, games are also being developed with technology in gaming. Now people do not want to play the game but want to live the game. In such a situation, game companies are also using technology to fulfill the demand of their customers.

5. Shopping - 

                The use of augmented reality for shopping is very new. It is used to explain the product well. Nowadays, people do not buy any product without testing. Shopping companies have remedied this with the help of Augmented Reality. This product can be shown well and its usage can be told.

6. Military Training - 

                           Augmented reality has started to be used in military training as well. It is used in the practice of war. The army is made aware of everything there by showing a virtual battleground. In such a situation, it has become an important part of military planning.

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