Thursday, June 18, 2020

Database interfaces

What is Database interfaces?

What is Database interfaces?

Interface : 

interface is the front of the database which makes understanding to user.

The database has many abstract interfaces which are as follows.

1. Form-based interface: -

As you know from its name it is the interface which is based on form. The form based interface is used a lot and this interface is also very useful for interacting with DBMS. For enter the information in database fill the form. Its advantage is that it does not require database language (SQL) knowledge.

2. Menu-based user interface: -

It's based on menu. In Menu based interface it provides list of options. From its options list user can choose any option which he/she requires. This type of interface is easy to use. It creates responsive interface.

3. Natural language interface: -

In Database Management System the user can use their common language. The natural language interface has its own schema which is similar to the conceptual schema.

4. Graphical user interface: -

As you know GUI is the interface which is in the form of graphical which provides easy interface and understanding interface. Same as in DBMS The GUI(Graphical User Interface) usually displays the schema in diagrammatic form to the user. The user then specifies a query by manipulating the diagram. In many situations, the GUI uses both Menu and Form.

5. Interfaces for DBA: -

Many abstract database systems include commands that are used only by the database administrator. The commands related to creating an account, changing the schema and re-organization the storage structure and providing account authority are covered under it.

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