Saturday, June 27, 2020

AWS (Amazon Web Services) HoneyCode App building Service

First, let us talk about what is AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which is a remote computing system that provides you cloud service or  cloud computing service.
In 2006, Cloud Solution Amazon gave the concept of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and then Amazon's own IT Management created AWS (Amazon Web Services), but at that time the price of Amazon AWS was very high and it's Bandwidth Storage would have been very low. Now AWS (Amazon Web Services) Launched AWS HoneyCode.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has launched Amazon Honeycode app building service

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has launched Amazon Honeycode app building service

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has launched Honeycode service on 24 June 2020, Wednesday which provides a way to customers to build an app (build applications) with the simplest way that leverage an AWS-built database. It provides a no-code service.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) HoneyCode:

AWS (Amazon Web Services) service is a service that empowers you to create apps without writing code. So that there is no problem in making an app for a person and to build an app to run his business. AWS (Amazon Web Services) uses the spreadsheet model to build any app and the service starts in minutes. Spreadsheets and its formulas are used in it, such as sheets, tables, values ​​that people would know on a common basis. There are already many templates in it which will make your work even easier and you can use it immediately.
If your team knows how to work on spreadsheets, then your work becomes even easier. And it's User Friendly..

If there is a problem in your app, then it also has the option of customizing it at any time, that you can publish your app immediately after immediately customizing or editing it, and you will also see its result immediately. 


A Spreadsheet is a computer software or program that provides the facility to manage and arrange the data in the form of Row and Column, which means that the data you have arranged in the form of Row and Column. You could do some kind of analysis.


This service is very useful for users or customers who do not know coding but want to create their own app

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