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Components and examples of e-commerce

Components and examples of e-commerce

Components and examples of e-commerce

Online - Shopping: -

Online shopping is the main example of the e-commerce market. There is a lot of craze in online shopping in the e-commerce market. In online shopping, we can easily buy goods and services from small to big of a home office, for this, there are many companies of online shopping such as: - amazon, myntra, flipkart, etc.

Digital Products: -

With the use of e-commerce anyone can sell digital products (e-goods) like: - eBooks, Online courses, Web Sites Theme, software etc.

Electronic Payments: -

When we buy any item or goods online, we pay for it through internet. Which we call electronic payments. We make these payments by digital payment cards (debit card, credit card, digital wallets). There are different ways to make electronic payments. 1. Pre-Paid, 2. pay - now, 3. Pay - later.

Net Banking: -

Net banking is a service offered by each bank, through which we can access our bank account with the help of internet sitting in the home office and easily access or complete the service money transfer etc. for passbook, ATM, etc. Can do.
Net banking is also called internet banking, digital banking, online banking.

Online - Ticket: -

Online - Ticket is also an example of e-commerce. Through the internet, we can buy tickets for a movie show or any big program, cricket match, Railway, etc. online.

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