Monday, June 15, 2020

JVM And JRE in Java

What is JVM and JRE?

JVM and JRE in Java

JVM (Java Virtual Machine):-

JVM is stands for Java virtual machine. You know JVM is a virtual machine by its name that provides a runtime environment.
It converts byte of code to Native machine code and finally executes the native machine code in Java program.
JVM executes the program and generates the output.
The JVM is platform independent, it means we can run it any OS (Operating system) like windows, Linux etc. It is automatically install when we install JDK (Java Development Kit) in system or computer.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment): -

JRE was developed by Sun Microsystems.
JRE is stands for Java Runtime Environment which is use to run the java program in the system. It is a part of JDK (Java Development Kit). JRE is a group of software tools to develop Java applications.

The JRE class contains groups of libraries and other files, which JVM uses in runtime and it also contains JVM.

If you want to run a Java program in the system, then you have to install JRE.

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