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What Is Scanner?

What Is Scanner?

Scanner is an input device, which means that we can input from it. If you have any hard copy of picture, photo, text etc. If you want to save it in the computer, then you have to take the help of Scanner because if we have to use any document from the computer, then we take out its hard copy or print. But if you have to save the hard copy photo in the computer, then you will need a scanner, with the help of which we can scan any document and save it.

The way in which we use the printer to extract prints from which we get black, white or colorful prints, in the same way we can very easily scan any document black, white and colorful with the help of Scanner. Can save in computer.

Many times we have a very old photo, which is black & white, because in olden time the photo was black & white, but now you want to make that photo colorful, even with the help of scanner Can. If you want to make the photo's size smaller or bigger, you can do it too, if you want to crop the photo, you can do it too.

You can edit the scanned photo by opening it in any browser, some software such as Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Microsoft Office etc. In this way, we can easily make black & white photos colorful.

Types of scanner

There are some types of scanner :-

1. Sheet Fad Scanner :-

Sheet Fad Scanner
Image Source

When putting a document in this scanner, its head becomes motionless, so we can say that it is used like a fad scanner.

2. Flatbed Scanner :-

Flatbed is the most commonly used scanner and it is also called desktop scanner.

3. Handheld Scanner :-

Handheld Scanner
Image Creadit

When you put a document in this scanner, it does not pull the document itself, so the belt is not used in it, so it is normal that you have to support yourself. But there is a benefit in that it scans the text very clearly.

4. Drum Scanner :-

 Drum Scanner

Mostly, Drum Scanner is used by publishing company. The advantage of this scanner is that it shows the smallest detail of any image in a wonderful way, meaning it shows very clearly, so this scanner should also be used very much.

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