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Types of E-Commerce

Types of E-Commerce

Types of E-Commerce

There are 6 types of e-commerce: -

  1. B2B (Business to Business)
  2. B2C (Business to Consumer)
  3. C2B (Consumer to Business)
  4. C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
  5. B2A (Business to Administration)
  6. C2A (Consumer to Administration)

1. B2B (Business to business) :-

In B2B e-commerce both seller and buyer are business organizations. That is, a business organization sells its product to another business organization.

For example, A manufacturer sells its goods to the wholesaler and the wholesaler sells the goods to the retailer and they have own business.

B2B (Business to business)

B2B model has three businesses: - Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. The manufacturer has its own website from where the wholesaler buys goods from the manufacturer.

When the wholesaler orders the goods through the website, the manufacturer gets to know the order through the website and he sends the goods to the wholesaler. After getting the goods, the wholesaler can sell this goods to the retailer. This type of E-commerce is called as B2B (Business to Business E-commerce).

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2. B2C (business to consumer) :-

In B2C e-commerce, the organization or company sells its product online directly to the consumer, it is the most used e-commerce.

B2C (business to consumer)

In this, the customer can see the product in the online website and can order it. After the company receives the order information, the company sends the product directly to the customer.

For example: flipkart, Amazon, myntra etc. We use them in daily life now a days.

3. C2B (consumer to business) :-

Consumer to business E-commerce is an e-commerce in which the consumer is the person who provides the product or service to the business organization. This is the opposite of the B2C model.

C2B (consumer to business)

In C2B, the customer sells his product or service to the company.
For example, If You are a web developer then you can sell your website to business. You can sell your product through Fiverr, Freelancer etc. it calls consumer to business E-commerce.

4. C2C (consumer to consumer) :-

In this type of e-commerce, both sellers and buyer are consumers. That is, a consumer sells his product to another consumer through a website.

That is, if you have any product like mobile, laptop, bike or other goods, etc, then you can sell these goods online to other consumers through the website.

C2C (consumer to consumer)

For example: OLX, Quicker etc. are examples of C2C E-commerce.

5. B2A (Business to Administration) :-

B2A E-commerce is also called business to governement (B2G) e-commerce.

B2A (Business to Administration)

In B2A E-commerce, business group (organisation) and government agency exchange information through website.

6. C2A (consumer to administration) :-

C2A E-commerce is also called consumer to government e-commerce.

C2A (consumer to administration)

In this, exchange of information between the consumer and the government agency takes place through the website.

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