Tuesday, June 2, 2020

What Is Web Portal ?

Web Portal

What Is Web Portal ?

A group of websites is called a Web Portal. The web Portal literally means entrance. The Web Portal itself is actually a website, from which many other related websites can be accessed. Many types of web portals are available when connected to the Internet. Information on web portals from various sources is collected and made available in an organized manner. Along with this, many types of services are also provided on the portal.

As such, many web portals provide users with search engine facilities, in addition, community chat forums, home pages, and email facilities. The web portal has links to search engines, subject directories and other services such as news, entertainment, stock, market, shopping, etc. through these links you can access that website. One can also view news, stock prices and gossip of movies etc. on the web portal. User can also customize many web portals as per their requirement.

Web Portals are sponsored by large search engines and browser providers. All Internet service providers on the web portal site focus more on two services - entertainment and information. Both these services are available to the user on the first page of the web site. In simple terms, we can say that the web portal is a web site that provides the service of entertainment and information to the user and where the user gets more experience on the Internet.

Following are the names of some popular web portals -

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Blogger
  • Flipkart ETC.

Features of Web Portal :-

Following are the features of the web portal -

1. Information can be obtained from other web sites with the help of the web portal.
2. The registration system on the web portal is simple.
3. Portals provide a gateway to connect to the web site.
4. Portals provide web hosting facilities.
5. Almost all types of machines can be connected on the web portal.

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