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History Of 26 July | On This Day In World

History Of 26 July | On This Day In World

History Of 26 July | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 26 July are as follows: -

1844: Birth of India's leading educationist Gurudas Banerjee.

1876: Establishment of Indian Association in Calcutta.

1945: Winston Richl resigns as the Prime Minister of Britain.

1951: the Netherlands ends war with Germany.

1953: Commencement of the Cuban revolution led by Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro.

1956: Egypt captures the Suez Canal.

1965: the Maldives becomes independent of British occupation.

1974: France conducts nuclear tests at Mururaora Island.

1997: Sri Lanka won the Cricket Asia Cup.

1998: Jackie Zayner Cursey, the greatest female athlete, retired from athletics.

1999: India defeated Pakistan under Operation Vijay in the Kargil War. The unarmed troops of the Indian Army had foiled the illegal occupation of Siachen and Dras sector by destroying the nefarious activities of Pakistan.

2002: An Indonesian court sentenced the son of former President Suhaat to 15 years imprisonment.

2005: Life in Mumbai stalled due to unprecedented rains, killing more than a thousand people.

2005: Launch of NASA Shuttle Discovery.

2007: Pakistan successfully test-fires nuclear powered cruise missile Babur Hatf-7.

2008: European scientists discover another new planet outside the solar system.

2008: 21 blasts in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat, 56 people killed and over 200 injured.

2012: Nearly 200 people die in a single day in violent incidents in Syria.

2013: Bomb blast in Parachinar, Pakistan, 57 dead.

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