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What is Robotics Technology?

Robotics Technology

What is Robotics Technology?

Human civilization has developed automation technology (AI Technology) after the invention of computers. The result of which is in front of us. At present, Computer Programmed Machines have come to do most of the human work in many areas.

So, Robotics has now become an independent branch of Engineering. In the present time, a lot of research work is being done on robots. Because Robotics is the (Strong AI) technology of the future.

What is Robotics?

The science and study of robots are called robotics.

In a detailed definition,
Robotics is a study branch of engineering in which robotics are designed to study concept, design, manufacturing, and operation. This branch also includes electronics, computer science, nanotechnology, mechatronics, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

The word Robotic comes from Robot, introduced by Czech writer Karel Capek in his play R. U. R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots). The play was published in 1920.
The Robot word comes from Robota, a Czech word meaning "laborer".

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term robotic was first introduced into publication by Isaac Asimov with his science-fantasy short-story "Liar". 

The author in his short story "Runaround" also gave three popular theories of robotics, known as Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, which are still relevant today.

1.) Robots should not harm humans.
2.) It should follow the instructions of humans without first disobeying the rules.
3.) It must protect themselves without disregarding other rules.

One meaning of robotics is also attached to Automation, but automation is one of its features. While it is a large area.

Types of Robots 

The following are the types of robots: -

Pre-programmed robot

Pre-programmed robots operate in a controlled environment where they perform simple, monotonous tasks.
Example: - S575 Noelle.

Humanoid robot

Humanoid robots are robots that look and imitate humans. These robots usually perform human-like activities (such as running, jumping, and moving objects, etc.). The most prominent examples of humanoid robots: - Hanson Robotics Sophia and Boston Dynamics Atlas.

Autonomous robot

Autonomous robots operate independently of human operators. These robots are usually designed to perform tasks in open environments that do not require human supervision. An example: - Rhumba vacuum cleaner.

Telephoned robot

Telephoned robots are mechanical robots controlled by humans. These robots usually work under extreme geographical conditions, weather, conditions, etc. Examples: Human-controlled submarines, drones, etc.

Aspects of Robotics

In the present time different types of robots are available, Which are used to do different tasks in different environments. However, three basic things are used to build a military robot and a medical robot.

That is, only one type of instrument and principle is used in the manufacture of Its types.

  • Mechanical construction
  • Electronic Construction
  • Programming

Mechanical construction

All robots are designed in a particular shape so that a specific goal can be achieved.  In the water, we would not want to use a chicken-shaped robot to swim. Only a fish-shaped robot can perform this task appropriately.

Electronic Construction

"Electricity" is required to operate and control a robotic machine. Therefore electronic mechanisms are also found in all robots. A robot equipped with petrol or other fuels also relies on echelons to operate.


To get the robot to do a particular task, firstly, he has to tell about that task.  Then he is able to do that work. Robots are given the necessary instructions to do a particular task through "computer programming". After this programming, the robot becomes intelligent enough to decide when and how to do it?

Robots are programmed in three ways (intelligent making process).

Remote Control

In this technique, some commands are programmed into the machine. Whom the robot executes only after receiving an order from the controller. Humans use remote control for implementation. Therefore it is also called remote controlling programs.

Artificial Intelligent

Robots with AI programming get entangled with the environment themselves and decide themselves on the problems and obstacles to come. They are not controlled by humans. The robot decides when what and how to do it. Artificial intelligence is used in robots for this purpose.


AI and RC mixed programming are called hybrid programming.

Use of Robotics 

Special robots are made for one type of task. Such as flying robots are called Flying Robot or Drones. They only fly and cannot walk on the ground. This robot would be unsuitable for other tasks.

Based on this, we can determine the working area of the robot. And in real life, their use can be identified. Currently, they are being used more for risky and beyond human activities.

In Agriculture 

Their use in agriculture is still new. And currently, they are being used in labor works like sowing. 

But sowing, plowing, harvesting, crop information as per weather forecast, spraying of pesticides with drones, etc. are taking place in the future womb.

In Industrial Level

Robots have been in use in production operations for many decades. The auto industry has become dependent on robots for more than 50 percent. IBM's keyboard production unit has been operated by robots since 2003. For less expensive, relentless and risk-free labor factories than human labor

In Construction 

They are also being used extensively in manufacturing. The 3-D printer is its most practical example. Through which Netherlands country has created history by building the world's first 3-D printer bridge. Apart from this, Demolish Robots are also very popular for concrete work. And automatic machines are used to carry the burden.

In Military

They are being used for military work such as transport, research work, rescue work, and attack. Nowadays there is also talk of Robotic Soldiers. The day is not far when these robotic soldiers are seen gunning the borders. They are also used in India. Daksh, a military robot made by DRDO. Which is being used to bomb blast.

In Medicals 

In the medical field, robots are being used for complex and life-threatening tasks such as surgery. In Japan, a robotic system called HOSPI (developed by Panasonic) is used for hospital delivery. The Da Vinci Surgical System is used in the US for surgery.

Nanorobots are also being developed which have the ability to destroy the inner cells and cancerous microbes by entering inside the human body.

In Sports

It is common in tennis games to use a robotic machine for marking on the field. But nowadays, robots are being used for field marking in many sports. In cricket, robotic players are used a lot to throw balls to players. Similarly, the trend is increasing for other works also.

In Other Areas

In addition to the robots described above, kitchen robots, domestic robots, nanorobots, etc. are also being used. The day is not far when a robot will be lifting your bed. Robots have already started to serve food in many hotels.

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