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History Of 10 August | On This Day In World

 History Of 10 August | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 10 August are as follows: -

➧ 1809: Ecuador gained independence from Spain.

➧ 1821: Missouri is accepted as the 24th US state.

➧ 1822: 20 thousand people killed by a devastating earthquake in Syria.

➧ 1831: One and a half thousand people killed in Cyclone Storm in the Caribbean Islands of Barbados.

➧ 1894: Birth of VV Giri. He became the fourth President of the country.

➧ 1920: After being defeated in the First World War, the Osmani regime signed the Seweras Agreement.

➧ 1939: Dirk Jan de Geyer becomes Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

➧ 1962: Spiderman, the children's favorite, appeared in the comic book Amazing Fantasy.

➧ 1963: Phoolan Devi, who reaches the political corridors from the Chambal ravines, was born.

➧ 1966: The United States sent the first spacecraft to take pictures of the space suitable for landing rockets in space.

➧ 1977: Queen Elizabeth of Britain travels to Northern Ireland after 11 years under tight security.

➧ 1979: The satellite launch vehicle SLV-3 was launched.

➧ 1986: 13th Army Chief General Arun Sridhar (AS) Vaidya was killed by Harjinder and Sukhdev in Pune. In 1992, both murderers were hanged.

➧ 1990: After nearly 15 months of travel, the American spacecraft Magellan reached Venus and shortly after landing it lost contact with the operations center in California.

➧ 1995: Famous writer and satirist Harishankar Parsai died.

➧ 1999: Indian Sanskrit scholar Padma Bhushan Acharya Baldev Upadhyaya died.

➧ 2003: The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5 degree Celsius.

➧ 2004: Signing of the Darfur Action Plan between the United Nations and Sudan.

➧ 2006: 50 civilians killed in Sri Lanka in military action against Tamil rebels.

➧ 2008: Successfully tested anti-AIDS vaccine in a lab in Chennai.

➧ 2010: India successfully tests Gagan based satellite positioning system.

➧ 2018: The Prime Minister launched the "Ambient" web portal to give approval related to environment, wildlife, forests and coastal regulation sector on the occasion of Biofuels Day.

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