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History Of 12 August | On This Day In World

 History Of 12 August | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 12 August are as follows: -

1602: Emperor Akbar's minister Abul Fazl was assassinated at the behest of Salim Mirza, who later became Emperor Jahangir.

1765: Beginning of British East India Company rule in India under the Allahabad Treaty.

1822: St. David's College (University of Modern Wales, Lampeter University of Wales, Lampeter) founded in Wales by Bishop Thomas Burgess of St. Wales.

1833: Establishment of the city of Chicago in America.

1908: Henry Ford's car company created the first car model.

1914: Britain declares an attack on Austria-Hungary during World War I.

1919: Birth of Vikram Sarabhai, the father scientist of the Indian space program.

1920: The Battle of Warsaw begins between Poland and Russia.

1936: Diver Marjorie Gestring became the youngest (13 years 268 days) Olympic gold medalist.

1945: George Sidney Arundel, an Englishman who dedicated his life to India, died.

1960: NASA launches its first successful communication satellite, Eco-A.

1962: Two people went to space together for the first time.

1981: IBM introduced its first personal computer. It was priced at 16 thousand dollars.

1982: Famous historian, thinker and essayist Bhagwatsharan Upadhyaya died.

1990: The skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex or 'T Rex' was found by researchers. With the help of this skeleton, scientists came to know many things about the process of development of organisms.

1991: Last day in Test cricket for Viv Richards, Dujon and Marshall.

2003: The United States approves the Falcon deal between India and Israel.

2006: European launch vehicle Ariane-5 successfully orbits Japan's communications satellite and a French military device.

2009: India's renowned economist C. Rangarajan was appointed the chairman of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council.

➧ 2012: The 30th Olympic Games concluded in London.

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