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History Of 14 August | On This Day In World

History Of 14 August | On This Day In World


History Of 14 August | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 14 August are as follows: -

➧ 1762: The British capture the ferry community of Havana.

➧ 1862: Establishment of Bombay High Court.

➧ 1885: The first Japanese patent was issued to Zuisho Hotta for the manufacture of an anticorrosive paint for the ship Hulls.

➧ 1888: Patent of electricity meter granted to Oliver B. Schellenberger.

➧ 1908: First beauty pageant organized at Folkestone, England.

➧ 1917: China declares war against Germany and Austria.

➧ 1924: Birth of famous writer and journalist Kuldeep Nayar.

➧ 1938: BBC's first feature film (Student of Prague) aired on television.

➧ 1947: Partition of India, Pakistan becomes a separate nation. The transfer of power took place right at midnight, but Pakistan celebrates its communist day on August 14 while India celebrates its independence day on August 15. Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the 1st Governor-General of Pakistan.

➧ 1956: Indian comedian Johnny Lever was born.

➧ 1968: Morarji Desai conferred with Pakistan's highest civilian honor, Nishan-e-Pakistan.

➧ 1971: Bahrain gained independence from British rule after 110 years.

➧ 1975: Pakistani army overthrows President Mujib ur-Rehman.

➧ 1988: Tenth Chief Justice of India Kailash Nath Wanchoo died.

➧ 1996: Amritrai, a famous novelist, essayist, critic and translator, died.

➧ 2003: Prolonged power supply halt in East America and Canada, which also affected large cities such as New York and Ottawa.

➧ 2006: Ended five-week-long conflict in Israel and southern Lebanon on United Nations initiative.

➧ 2006: 400 people killed in bombing in Kahantania, Iraq.

➧ 2010: The Government of India announced the award of Ashok Chakra and Vinod Chaubey and Major Davindra Singh to Kirti Chakra to Major L Jyotin Singh of the Army Medical Corps, who was martyred in Kabul on 64th Independence Day.

➧ 2013: 638 people killed in violent clashes between police and protesters in Egypt.

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