Thursday, September 24, 2020

History Of 25 September | On This Day In World

History Of 25 September | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 25 September are as follows: -

➧ 1340: England and France sign disarmament treaty.

➧ 1524: Vasco da Gama came to India for the last time as Viceroy.

➧ 1639: The first 'printing press' started in America.

➧ 1654: England and Denmark sign trade treaty.

➧ 1846: US forces capture Monterey, Mexico.

➧ 1897: First bus service started in Britain.

➧ 1914: Former Deputy Prime Minister of India Chaudhary Devi Lal was born.

➧ 1916: Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay, co-founder of the famous Indian thinker, philosopher and political party Bharatiya Jana Sangh, was born in Mathura.

➧ 1974: Fifth Five Year Plan completed.

➧ 1985: Akali Dal wins elections in Punjab state.

➧ 1992: US space agency NASA sent a 1,018 kg robot 'Mars Observer' special spacecraft.

➧ 1999: Eighth SAF Games inaugurated in Kathmandu.

➧ 2006: For the first time in Pakistan's 60-year history, Hindu youth Danesh, resident of Tharparkar district of Sindh, was inducted into the Pak Army.

➧ 2006: Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh once again declared elected President of the country.

➧ 2006: Anusheh Ansari, Iran's first woman on a space trip, created a new chapter in the country's history.

➧ 2006: Demand for Indian citizenship to Dalai Lama.

➧ 2007: Nepali Congress (Democratic) party led by former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba merged with Congress.

➧ 2008: China launches spacecraft 'Shenzhou 7'.

➧ 2018: Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the first Indian to captain 200 Indian ODI matches by captaining the Indian cricket team against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup in Dubai.

➧ 2019: Haza al Mansuri became the first Emirati to go into space and became the first Arab astronaut to travel to the International Space Station.

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