Saturday, October 3, 2020

Google's Campaign "Make Small Strong" to help small and local businesses

Google's Campaign "Make Small Strong" to help small and local businesses

Google's Campaign "Make Small Strong" to help small and local businesses

Google Make Small Strong Initiative: 

Google India launches campaign to help small businesses, customers will get these benefits

Google Make Small Strong Initiative

The veteran company Google periodically launches new features for its users across the globe so that users' experience will change and upgrade over time. In this sequence, Google India has made a new beginning. On September 30, 2020, Google India announced the launch of its nationwide campaign "Make Small Strong" to support small businesses and help customer demand. "Make Small Strong" will enable customers to search for them easily. "Make Small Strong" campaign has been launched with the support of various companies and media including Tech, Online Delivery, Food Delivery. The feedback to launch this campaign came from the July-Kantar report. According to this report, 92 percent of the businesses were facing challenges related to a lack of customers. Apart from this, traders were also troubled by issues like loss of revenue, price fluctuations. This report showed that the businessmen believed that they would benefit from using digital mediums. This assumption proved to be true. Today 5 out of 10 traders are using digital channels whereas in April only 4 out of 10 traders used to do so.

Need of this campaign :

Shalini Girish, Customer Solutions Director, Google India, says that digital is the need of the hour. We want to help the medium to small businesses in digital transformation. Keeping this in mind, we launched the 'Make Small Strong' campaign. This campaign will help to  people can give a rating in Google about the businessmen of their neighborhood, review them, promote their business. You can also promote buying from them.

Special features of this campaign :

- Make Small Strong 'campaign allows citizens to help small businesses by dropping purchases, reviews and ratings locally and promoting their favorite retailers on social media.

- According to the report, 5 out of 10 businesses are connected to customers through digital channels.

- 92% of businesses are facing customer-related challenges, resulting in a revenue deficit due to low demand and payment of fixed costs.

- The need to go digital is essential and SMBs need to be digitized rapidly to support business recovery during the current crisis.

Other announcements

- Google India announces a new partnership with Zoho, Instamozo, Danzo and Swiggy.

- Zoho will provide a three-month free membership until March 31, 2021, for its three services Zoho Sites, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Commerce.

- Instamojo will offer a six-month free subscription to its Store Premium Online Store Solution '.

24 × 7 merchant support of Danzo will be provided with zero sign-up fees and instant registration to SMB.

- Swiggy offered a restaurant a 7-day FastTrack onboarding process to get on its platform.

-"Namaste Digital" a new television show which will be a mass media program by google to learn about the internet and help grow business in partnership with Doordarshan.

- Google is also working with FICCI on industry-wide digital skilling. It has trained 1.2 million people so far.

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