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History Of 29 October | On This Day In World

History Of 29 October | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 29 October are as follows: -

➧ 1859: Spain declares war against the African country of Morocco.
➧ 1864: Greece adopted the new constitution.
➧ 1911: American editor and publisher Joseph Pulitzer died.
➧ 1923: After the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a republic.
➧ 1945: The first ball point pen in the world came into the market.
➧ 1947: Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands form the Benelux Union.
➧ 1958: US conducts nuclear test in Nevada.
➧ 1985: Boxer Vijendra Singh, who won India's first Olympic medal in boxing, was born.
➧ 1986: British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opens the final section of London's Orbital Motorway, M25. It was Europe's longest ring road 117 miles (188 km) upon opening.
➧ 1994: American Indian National Museum is opened in New York.
➧ 1997: International Chemical Weapons Treaty ratified by Pakistan.
➧ 1999: The cyclone that hit the coastal region of eastern India was left behind.
➧ 2000: President of Iceland Olofar Reigner Grimson arrives in India on a seven-day state visit.
➧ 2005: Delhiites were immersed in the festive glory two days before Diwali, when two busy areas of the city exploded in the markets of Paharganj and Sarojini Nagar.
➧ 2015: China announces abolition of one child policy.
➧ 2017: Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki defeated American Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4 to win the WTA Finals title in Kallang, Singapore.
➧ 2018: German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she would not contest again in 2021 and step down as party leader.
➧ 2018: Lion Air Flight JT 610 crashed into the sea after takeoff near Jakarta, Indonesia, missing all 189 riders.
➧ 2019: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned after two weeks of nationwide protests and economic crisis.
➧ 2019: According to a study by Climate Central published in "Nature Communications", 150 million people worldwide may be at risk of drowning at sea.

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