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History Of 21 November | On This Day In World

History Of 21 November | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 19 November are as follows: -

1872: Famous Rajasthani poet and freedom fighter Kesari Singh Barhat was born.
1877: Famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison presents the world's first phonograph.
1906: China prohibits opium trade.
1916: Yadunath Singh, the revered Indian military hero of the Paramvir Chakra, was born.
1921: Prince of Wales (Emperor Edward VIII) arrives at Bambay (now Mumbai) and Congress declares nationwide strike.
1931: Gyanranjan, a prominent Hindi writer, was born.
1941: The first female Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel was born. She has been the Governor of Madhya Pradesh and is currently the Governor of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
1947: For the first time postage stamp was released in the country after independence.
1956: Teachers' Day was approved by bringing a resolution.
1962: China declares ceasefire during Indo-China border dispute.
1963: India's space program began with the release of rockets from the Thumba region of Kerala.
1963: India's first rocket named 'Naik-Apache' was launched.
1970: Indian scientist Chandrasekhar Venkataraman died.
1979: The Kaba Mosque in Mecca was taken over by Muslim militants.
2006: India and China decide to increase shared cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy.
2007: PepsiCo chairman Indira Nooyi was included on the board of directors of the American Indian Business Council.
2008: Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh expressed the possibility of India's economic growth to be 8% despite the global recession.
2016: India celebrates 50th anniversary of special paddy 'IR8'. It is called magical rice because it has saved millions of people worldwide. This high-yielding rice variety was developed during the food crisis in the 50s.
2018: RIBA's World Biennial International Award was given to Canuana School in Brazil.
2019: Elon Musk launched the first electric pickup cybertruck in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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