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History Of 12 December | On This Day In World

History Of 12 December | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 12 December are as follows: -

➧ 1822: Mexico is officially recognized as an independent nation by the United States.
➧ 1911: The capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.
➧ 1917: 543 people died after French army train derailed in French Alps.
➧ 1949: Tamil and Hindi film actor Rajinikanth was born.
➧ 1954: Hemant Karkare, a 1982 batch IPS officer and head of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, was born.
➧ 1958: Wilson Jones becomes world champion in amateur billiards.
➧ 1963: Kenya becomes independent from Britain.
➧ 1964: Famous Hindi poet Maithilisharan Gupta, known as Rashtrakavi, passed away.
➧ 1969: At least 13 people were killed in a bomb blast in the city of Milan, Italy.
➧ 1971: All facilities provided to former kings by the Indian Parliament were canceled.
➧ 1981: India's cricket player Yuvraj Singh was born.
➧ 1990: TN Seshan became the Chief Election Commissioner.
➧ 1992: Giant Buddha statue is installed in Hyderabad's Hussain Sagar lake.
➧ 1996: A 30-year treaty on the sharing of Ganga water between India and Bangladesh was signed.
➧ 2001: India gave two Cheetah helicopters and weapons to Nepal.
➧ 2005: Ramanand Sagar, the famous Indian film director and producer of the famous serial 'Ramayana', passed away.
➧ 2007: A Peru court sentenced former President Alberto Fujimaro to six years imprisonment and a fine of $ 13,000.
➧ 2012: The first Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Nityananda Swamy passed away.
➧ 2015: Historical agreement on climate change during the United Nations Conference in Paris, in which 195 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agreement replaced the Kyoto Agreement.
➧ 2019: The deepest point on Earth was identified 3.5 km (11,500 ft) above sea level under the Denman Glacier in East Antarctica.

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