Sunday, December 13, 2020

History Of 13 December | On This Day In World

History Of 13 December | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 13 December are as follows: -

➧ 1048: Alberuni, a Persian scholar writer, scientist, theologian and thinker died.
➧ 1232: Iltutmish, the ruler of the slave dynasty, captured Gwalior.
➧ 1903: Ichandra Joshi, the initiator of psychological novels, was born in Hindi.
➧ 1920: International Court of the League of Nations is established in The Hague, Netherlands.
➧ 1921: The Prince of Wales was inaugurated by the Banaras Hindu University.
➧ 1925: India's famous economist Lakshmi Chandra Jain was born.
➧ 1955: India and Soviet Union accept Panchsheel publication.
➧ 1961: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi started his Test match career against England in Delhi.
➧ 1996: Kofi Annan was elected Secretary-General of the United Nations.
➧ 2001: A terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in Delhi.
➧ 2003: Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is arrested near his hometown Tigrit.
➧ 2002: European Union expanded. This expansion included Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.
➧ 2004: Negotiations between India and Pakistan begin on Islam and Sir Creek in Islamabad.
➧ 2014: A split between rich and poor countries erupted at the United Nations Climate Change Dialogue in Peru.
➧ 2014: A civil rights protest march ensues in Washington, DC, in which unarmed black people are killed by police.
➧ 2017: Scientists begin investigating the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua for signals from foreign technology via radio signals.
➧ 2017: The online dictionary Merriam-Webster declared the term Feminism to be the most searched word of the year.
➧ 2018: US Senate passes non-binding "war powers resolution" against long-term ally Saudi Arabia.
➧ 2018: Apple announces new $ 1 billion campus in Austin, Texas and expansion to other US cities.
➧ 2018: Passenger train collides with maintenance locomotive in Ankara, Turkey, killing at least 9 and injuring 47.

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