Thursday, December 10, 2020

What is Hacking?

Hacking :

Hacking is a process in which all your valuable information is stolen from your system by entering your network and all the information is erased and misused by leaving viruses in the system. The person doing the hacking process is called a hacker. The hacker is a highly skilled programmer who has a good knowledge of programming.

Hacker :

A hacker is someone who has standard knowledge of programming so he can break code and passwords to gain unauthorized access to computer systems."

Hackers carry out hacking for the following reasons.

1: For Money.

2: fun (for entertainment).

3: To steal the notifications.

4: Raise (revenge).

5: To send Spam.

6: For execution of malicious files.

7: Communication to insecure.

8: Use your system.

9: Attacking the actual target.

10: For the challenges.

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