Wednesday, January 27, 2021

History Of 27 January | On This Day In World

History Of 27 January | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 27 January are as follows: - 

1556: Emperor Humayun of the Mughal Empire died.

1880: Thomas Alva Edison patented an electric bulb.

1888: The National Geographic Society is formed in Washington.

1944: The Soviet Army ends the siege of the last 872 days by expelling the forces of Germany and Finland from St. Petersburg.

1959: First the foundation stone of the College of Engineering and Technology was laid in New Delhi.

1964: France recognized Communist China and agreed to establish diplomatic relations with it.

1967: A sudden fire on the spacecraft Apollo-1 at Cape Kennedy, Florida, USA killed three astronauts ready to take off.

1967: Representatives of 60 countries, including the US and the Soviet Union, signed a UN treaty, pledging peaceful use of outer space and supported a ban on weapons of mass destruction in space.

1969: Iraq hangs 14 people publicly on charges of espionage. There were nine Jews among them.

1974: The then President V.V. Giri dedicated the Nehru Memorial Museum at Teen Murti Bhavan to the nation.

1996: France conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. The strength of this bomb can be gauged from the fact that two years later, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that the explosion at the test site in the South Pacific will have a toxic effect for centuries.

2006: As part of the worldwide campaign against Tuberculosis announced at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Britain announced $ 79 million for the control of the disease in India.

2007: 14 people, mostly police officers, were killed in a suicide bomb attack before a religious procession in Peshawar, Pakistan.

2008: Bird flu outbreak occurred in 13 districts of West Bengal. A large number of eggs, chickens, chickens and other poultry birds were destroyed.

2009: Mr. Eighth President of India. R. Venkataraman (Ramaswamy Venkataraman) ji died in 2009.

2013: 20 police officers killed in bomb blasts in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

2013: Seven people were killed and 630 injured during protests in Egypt.

2019: Two bombs explode in a Roman Catholic church on Jolo Island in southern, Philippines, killing 20 people. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for this bomb attack.

2019: A landslide at a wedding party in a hotel in Abanque, Peru killed 15 people.

2020: Former King of Belgium, Albert II, confesses to giving birth to a child after DNA testing confirmed paternity.

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