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History Of 30 January | On This Day In World

History Of 30 January | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 30 January are as follows: - 

1530: Rana Sangram Singh of Mewar died.

1889: Hindi litterateur Jaishankar Prasad was born. His major compositions - Kamayani, Chandragupta.

1903: Lord Curzon inaugurates the Imperial Library at Matkoff Hall, Calcutta. In 1948 the name of this library was changed to National Library.

1910: C. Subrahmanyam, the "father of the Green Revolution" was born in India.

1933: President Paul Van Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.

1941: In a major incident in the history of shipping, a submarine of the Soviet Union sank a German vessel, killing about 9000 people aboard it.

1948: Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation going for evening prayers, was killed in Birla Bhavan, New Delhi. Since then, this day has been celebrated as Martyr's Day.

1949: Night airmail service started.

1965: British people bid farewell to Winston Churchill, who was the Prime Minister of the country during World War II. Churchill was a skilled diplomat and sharp speaker and the only Prime Minister to be awarded the Nobel Prize. He is counted among Britain's greatest personalities.

1968: Hindi litterateur Makhan Lal Chaturvedi died.

1971: The Fokker Friendship aircraft of Indian Airlines was hijacked from Lahore and finally destroyed.

1972: The British army was fired upon a mob of protesters, killing 13 civilians.

1985: Lok Sabha passed anti-defection law through 52nd constitutional amendment and cleared the way for political defectors to be automatically disqualified. The anti-defection law comes under the 10th schedule in the constitution.

1991: The Iraqi army controlled a city near the Saudi Arabian border.

2004: Scientists announced at a press conference that the spacecraft Apoortunity sent to Mars has indicated the presence of iron oxide on Mars. This simply means that there must have been water there at one time.

2007: In a major international deal, Indian giant Tata bought Anglo Dutch steel maker Corus Group for over $ 12 billion.

2009: The pair of Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi advanced to the mixed double match of the Australian Open.

2009: The Coca-Cola Company announced that it is going to rename its flagship product Coca-Cola Classic in the US to Coca-Cola. The term Classic was added in 1985 with Coca Cola.

2019: Russian Senator Rauf Arshukov was arrested on two murder charges within the Parliament.

2020: The World Health Organization publicly declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern at a meeting in Geneva.

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