Monday, February 1, 2021

History Of 1 February | On This Day In World

History Of 1 February | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 1 February are as follows: - 

1785: Warren Hastings attended the council meeting for the last time and then resigned as the Governor General of Bengal.

1797: Lord Cornwallis sworn in as Governor General of Bengal.

1827: Bengal Club of Calcutta was established.

1835: East India Company leases Darjeeling area from Sikkim.

1855: East India Railway formally inaugurated.

1881: St. Stephen's College established in Delhi. It is the oldest and prestigious college in Delhi.

1884: Postal Insurance Scheme launched.

1884: The first of 10 volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary is published in London. Its last volume was printed in 1928.

1922: Mahatma Gandhi wrote a letter to the then Viceroy of India stating that he was giving momentum to his movement and the non-cooperation movement would now be a civil disobedience movement.

1949: Press Trust of India acquires Associated Press of India.

1977: India's first National Rail Museum is established in New Delhi. In this, all the stages of the journey of development of the railway have been saved with great vigor.

1979: Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini returned home after 14 years of exile. He was welcomed by millions of followers standing on both sides of the roads.

1984: The half-penny coin was discontinued in Britain. Actually the cost incurred on the manufacture of this coin was more than its value.

2002: American journalist Daniel Pearl is beheaded by terrorists.

2003: Returning from space, the US spacecraft Columbia crashed as it entered the Earth's atmosphere. Seven astronauts including Kalpana Chawla of India were killed in the accident.

2004: More than 250 people were killed and 244 injured due to stampede during the Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

2006: The World Health Organization reported the eradication of polio from Egypt and Niger and spoke of its presence only in India, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. In some countries, the infection was also reported to return.

2013: Netflix releases all 13 episodes of the 'House of Lords' serial. It was the first serial made for Netflix. Watching all the episodes of a television serial together was a new experience in itself, which became increasingly popular.

2020: The largest national emergency was declared in Somalia in 25 years due to the terror of the locust swarm in East Africa.

2020: appointed Mohammad Taufiq Allawi as the new Prime Minister of Iraq after 4 months of protest.

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