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History Of 11 February | On This Day In World

History Of 11 February | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 11 February are as follows: - 

➧ 1750: Tilka Manjhi, the first martyr of the Indian freedom struggle, was born.

➧ 1847: Birth of Thomas Edison, the great inventor of America. Edison alone and jointly holds 1093 patents, a world record in itself.

➧ 1917: Indian revolutionary T. Nagi Reddy was born.

➧ 1917: Sydney Sheldon, one of the most read writers in the world, was born.

➧ 1933: The first issue of Gandhiji's weekly publication 'Harijan' was published from Pune.

➧ 1956: Two British diplomats who went missing five years ago under mysterious circumstances, reappear in the Soviet Union.

➧ 1963: Four aircraft arrived in Bombay (now Mumbai) as the first consignment of what the Soviet Union had promised India to deliver 12 MiG fighter jets before the 1962 Indo-China war.

➧ 1968: Jana Sangh founder, writer, journalist Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay was killed in Mughalsarai.

➧ 1977: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, the then President of the country, died.

➧ 1979: Ayatollah Khamenei's supporters capture Iran's capital Tehran. The army returned to its barracks and refused to take up arms to save the current regime.

➧ 1990: Nelson Mandela, the great leader who opposed apartheid in South Africa, is released from captivity.

➧ 1997: Indian astrophysicist Jayant V Narlikar was awarded the UNESCO 'Kalinga Award'. He was given this award for the year 1996.

➧ 2003: England cricket team refuses to play their World Cup match as it was to be played in Zimbabwe. This was the first instance in World Cup cricket of not playing matches due to the venue.

➧ 2011: Egyptian President Husni Mubarak stepped down after 30 years in power amid heavy protests.

➧ 2018: Russian pilot crashes south-east of Moscow, killing all 71 people.

➧ 2018: MOMA opens a major solo exhibition for Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral in New York.

➧ 2018: Dutchman Sven Kramer became the only male speed skater to win the same Olympic competition 3 times.

➧ 2019: The results published in "Nature Medicine" show AI against physicians in a trial to diagnose 6,00,000 patients. Won.

➧ 2020: Snow falls in Baghdad, Iraq for only the second time in a century.

➧ 2020: The US Attorney General, William Barr, recommended Roger Stone's suggested sentence be cut, prompting the prosecution to resign.

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