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History Of 1 April | On This Day In World

History Of 1 April | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 31 April are as follows: -

➧ 1582: In France, this day begins to be celebrated as Fool's Day.

➧ 1621: Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Guru of the Sikhs, was born.

➧ 1839: Kolkata Medical College and Hospital started with twenty beds.

➧ 1889: Hindu publishing begins as a daily newspaper. Published from 20 September 1888, this newspaper was being published weekly till now.

➧ 1889: Dr. Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar, the founder of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, was born.

➧ 1891: Pran Krishna Parija, the famous scientist of India, was born.

➧ 1912: The capital of India was formally shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

➧ 1930: The minimum age of marriage for girls is 14 years and that of boys is 18 years.

➧ 1935: The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 as per the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The central office of the Reserve Bank was initially established in Kolkata which was permanently shifted to Mumbai in 1937. The central office is the office where the governor sits and where policies are set.

➧ 1936: Orissa state was established. It was carved out of Bihar. It is the modern name of the same ancient nation of Kalinga which was invaded by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka in 261 BCE and distressed by the terrible bloodshed in the war and finally embraced Buddhism. April 1 is celebrated as Utkal Day (Odisha Day) in the state.

➧ 1937: Mohammad Hamid Ansari, the 13th Vice President of India, was born.

➧ 1969: The country's first nuclear power house in Tarapur started functioning.

➧ 1973: Tiger conservation project started at Jim Corbett National Park, India.

➧ 1976: A separate corporation is established for television, named Doordarshan.

➧ 1976: Steve Jobs together with his friends founded the Apple Company.

➧ 1977: Sir Cyril Radcliffe, who created the dividing line between India and Pakistan, named Radcliffe, died.

➧ 1979: Iran becomes Islamic Republic.

➧ 2004: Google announces Gmail and launches electronic mail

➧ 2010: Henry Edward Roberts, who ushered in the era of personal computer (PC), died. They are known as Father of the Personal Computer. He built the first personal computer in 1974.

➧ 2020: Wimbledon is canceled by the All England Lawn Tennis Club for the first time since World War II due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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