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History Of 5 April | On This Day In World

History Of 5 April | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 5 April are as follows: -

➧ 1843: Queen Victoria of Britain proclaims the inclusion of Hong Kong in the British Colony.

➧ 1908: India's first Dalit Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram was born.

➧ 1919: Modern Indian merchant shipping started. The 5,940-ton ship Liberty of the Scindia Steam Navigation Company sailed on its maiden voyage.

➧ 1922: Renowned Indian scholar woman and social reformer Pandita Ramabai died.

➧ 1923: Former Governor of Uttar Pradesh and Deputy Minister in the Union Ministry of Construction and Housing, Mo. Usman Arif was born.

➧ 1930: Gandhi ji reached Dandi with his followers to break the salt law.

➧ 1940: Mahatma Gandhi's close friend and social reformer CF Andrews died.

➧ 1949: Bharat Scouts and Guides established.

➧ 1955: Wiston Churchill resigns as British Prime Minister.

➧ 1961: Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Limited, the first pharmaceutical company to be sponsored by the government.

➧ 1964: National Maritime Day was celebrated for the first time in the country for the Merchant Navy.

➧ 1967: Indo-American writer and speaker Anu Garg was born.

➧ 1969: Ravindra Prabhat, a pioneer of writers active on the Internet.

➧ 1976: America's eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes died in a plane crash at the age of seventy.

➧ 1979: The country's first Naval Museum opened in Bombay (now Mumbai).

➧ 1986: Construction of Shivanandjhula, the largest bridge to be shaken at Muni ki Reti, was completed.

➧ 1999: In Malaysia, a campaign to kill 8 lakh 30 thousand pigs was launched to protect against the virus named Hendra.

➧ 2016: Became the first American city to order Paid Parental Leave in San Francisco.

➧ 2016: PayPal announced that it was canceling a $ 3.6 million investment in North Carolina after the state government passed an anti-gay law.

➧ 2020: The British Emperor Queen Elizabeth II said in the nation's address - "We will meet again". This happened only for the 5th time in his 66-year reign.

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