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History Of 6 April | On This Day In World

History Of 6 April | On This Day In World

In the history of the World, some other important events recorded on the date of 6 April are as follows: -

➧ 1606: Shehzada Khusru revolts against his father Jahangir.

➧ 1886: Usman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, was born.

➧ 1896: Modern Olympic Games begin.

➧ 1906: The first animated cartoon receives a copyride.

➧ 1909: America's Robert Pieri and Matthew Hansen claim to have reached the North Pole for the first time.

➧ 1917: America declares war against Germany in World War I.

➧ 1919: Gandhiji called for an all-India strike for the first time against the Rowlatt Act law.

➧ 1925: The film was shown for the first time on the plane. The aircraft belonged to British Air.

➧ 1929: Famous Hindi Savvy and publisher Mahashay Rajpal died.

➧ 1930: Mahatma Gandhi arrested for violating salt law.

➧ 1936: ANP launches first telex service in Amsterdam.

➧ 1942: Japanese fighter jets bombard Indian territories for the first time.

➧ 1956: Famous cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar was born.

➧ 1957: Soviet Union conducts nuclear test.

➧ 1966: Indian swimmer Mihir Sen swam across the Palk Strait.

➧ 1980: Bharatiya Janata Party established.

➧ 2001: Former Deputy Prime Minister of India and former Chief Minister of Haryana Chaudhary Devi Lal died.

➧ 2004: Rolandas Pacas became the first President of Lithuania to be removed from office by impeachment in peace.

➧ 2016: The first child in the world is born via DNA of 3 parents via mitochondrial transfer in Mexico.

➧ 2020: Nadia, a tiger from the Bronx zoo, is found to be suffering from COVID-19, the first case of human-to-cat transmission.

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